Keys to Effective Content Marketing

Growing your brand consists of countless steps. However, there are a few ways to alleviate the stress of it all by using these keys to effective content marketing.

When you’re growing your brand, whether it’s selling a product or making connections with other companies or consumers, you have to take a strategic approach to effectively reach your audience. Christina Skillman, CEO and Creative Director of Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, discussed some examples of effective content marketing in her LinkedIn post here.

In terms of video specifically, the keys to effective content marketing differ from the regular marketing video you have on your website’s homepage. Doing content marketing well means that the content adds value to your audience and asking for nothing in return. This means you don’t actually mention the product you are advertising in the video. The only goal should be connecting with your audience. Simply put, try to leave them with a good feeling or impression about your company, brand, and who you are.

Do’s and Don’ts: Business to Consumer

Grill, close up

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Don’t outwardly sell to your audience. Christina gives a great example in her video below, “Let’s say your company sells grills. You don’t want to lead content marketing with a product video about all the new features and bells and whistles of your new grill.”

She goes on to talk about different topics you choose to exemplify about cooking barbeque, but you never once mention your product name. A great example of this is beauty shots of the grill and fire, cooking the delicious meat. For instance, the audience may see all of the bells and whistles without you actually talking about them. Show don’t tell.

Marketing towards consumers, B2C, needs to be thought out carefully. The last thing you want is a consumer leaving with a bad taste in their mouth. After watching your video, you want them to be positively impacted. You want them to think about your product without actually thinking about it. When they’re ready to buy the product, they will remember the beautiful video. Next thing you know you just sold a grill to a happy family. All in all, your main goal is to leave the audience feeling fulfilled. Also, be sure to think everything through.

Do’s and Don’ts: Business to Business

Business to Business marketing, B2B, is different. But, just like B2C, it needs to be thought out carefully. However, it is more complicated than B2C. Selling between companies can deal more in the realm of ideas rather than actual products.

Don’t try to sell companies your consumer products. Definitely, do think of five big pain points. Come up with the largest pain points in your industry that your prospects feel every day. And carefully think out and develop content that provides them with information that they can use, which will keep your company and brand in the front of their brains.


Your content should in some way make your audience, prospects, and customers’ lives better and easier. In the long run, the biggest takeaway is to begin and end your content marketing with the intent to provide great information with no strings attached. Keys to effective content marketing are endless, but these few will launch your brand to the next level.

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What are the keys to effective content marketing? from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.