Creating the Right Logo for You and Your Company

Apple-Logo Design

Less is More

Have you ever wondered why some logos are more effective than others? From the red bullseye to a silver apple, we tend to remember an image if the design is simple and elegant. As a competitive business, it’s essential to create a brand with a logo that pleases the eye without overwhelming it.

Proper Logo

The proper logo should perfectly embody the products and services that your company offers while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.  The consumer will inevitably come across hundreds of images a day. A logo that uses solid colors and simple shapes tends to draw our eye in and hold our attention. Target, for example, uses bold red circles to create a shape that everyone will recognize. Apple, on the other hand, uses white and gray colors to create the outline of an apple. At Skillman Video Group, our team of design experts and marketing specialists can bring your company to life with an effective marketing campaign based on your aesthetic preferences.

Target Logo Design

Target Logo Design

As a small business, Skillman Video Group will always take our own advice. After launching our new website and a brand new commercial made by us and for us, we’ve also added a new logo to represent our business and our unique marketing services. Take a look at the new face of Skillman Video Group with a sleek and stylish design that will be sure to catch your eye and keep our clients coming back for more.

Every business has a certain story to tell. As a Boston video production company, we understand that creating the right brand with a thoughtful name and a striking logo is the secret to getting your story told across every possible avenue. We strive to offer the best in marketing services including brand development, HD video production, social marketing campaigns, and website development using professional search engine optimization (SEO).  If you want to give your business a professional marketing makeover, contact Skillman Video Group today.

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