Making the most of your business’s Facebook account

(April 26, 2012) – First off, let’s assume your business has a Facebook page; if not, make one yesterday!

It’s 2012, and many businesses realize the power that a Facebook page can have in bringing in new customers. The next step should be finding out how to make the most of your page to boost your exposure.

Here are a few ways to get that ball rolling.

  • Add multimedia– Your Facebook page needs to be visually appealing and get people to stay on the page instead of hitting the back button.  Uploading and tagging photos and videos of your company and its employees is a great start.  Definitely consider hiring a professional production company like Skillman Video Group to create a marketing video that will highlight what makes your business special.
  • Keep Active- A Facebook page with just a name and a phone number on it is like walking into a party that no one came to; you want to immediately leave.  Avoid this by keeping it lively with constant status updates, links to stories or feedback about your company, and current promotions or discounts your business offers.
  • Get people to “like” you and don’t be afraid to ask! –  An article from about businesses’s success using Facebook, reports that just asking people to like your page or a post increases the odds that they do so by 216%!  More likes mean more customers coming to your page, getting involved, and commenting.  You could even hold a contest for those customers, with a chance to win prizes or special discounts.

Following these initial steps will get you on your way to having a fully integrated social media and internet marketing strategy for your business. 

Make sure you put a link to your Facebook page on your website.

Once your Facebook page is up and running and being maintained regularly, the next tier of marketing tactics can begin. 

Watch for more ideas like linking your Facebook statuses to posts on your Twitter feed, using SEO to increase your site rank using keywords in your blog, and finding out how nifty and effective QR codes can be in an upcoming blog post.