Empowering Educational Leaders: SVG’s Documentary for Lynch Leadership Academy

Introduction to a Day of Inspiration

BC Shoot

When Boston College’s Lynch Leadership Academy sought to create a compelling marketing video to attract donors, school systems, and participants, they turned to the experienced hands at Skillman Video Group (SVG).

The Academy, known for its innovative mentoring approach in preparing aspiring principals for urban educational settings, required a video that effectively communicated their impact and mission.

Early Morning Ambience: Capturing the Start of a School Day

Interview Shot

SVG’s day began at dawn to film the bustling morning activities at a local charter school.

Capturing moments of students arriving and interacting with faculty provides an authentic glimpse into the daily influence of the Academy’s fellows.

One highlight was filming the Assistant Principal, a Lynch Leadership Academy Fellow, as he greeted students—a powerful portrayal of leadership in action.

Seamless Adaptability in Varied Settings

Shooting around energetic students requires a blend of tact and agility.

SVG’s professional demeanor and ability to adapt to any type of shooting conditions made the day go smoothly and efficiently; it didn’t hurt that our video crew had some prior experience filming with kids.

Transition and Continuity Across Locations

After capturing vibrant b-roll and heartfelt interactions at Match Community Day School, the crew transitioned to OLPH Mission Grammar School.

The move between locations was smooth and efficient, highlighting SVG’s logistical expertise.

At the second location, the crew successfully filmed additional b-roll and conducted interviews with two more Academy Fellows, enriching the narrative with varied perspectives.

The Impact of Professional Video Production

SVG’s work at the Lynch Leadership Academy exemplifies the power of professional video production in educational settings.

By weaving together scenes from different locations and capturing the essence of the Academy’s mission, the video serves as a dynamic tool for outreach and engagement.