Mobile Editing Tools – Tablet Based Editing

(November 22, 2012) – For the past week or so, we’ve been discussing the importance of strong post-production (audio and video editing) skills here at Skillman Video Group.

While skills in the editing room are definitely an asset, technology plays a big part in the equation for a solid video. In a field where technology is constantly growing, let’s take a look at newer form of video editing – with the use of a tablet/iPad.

Video Editing on the iPad
Video Editing on the iPad

The biggest push for the use of tablet-based editing has been with the introduction of mobile versions of Apple’s core programs: iMovie, Garageband, and iPhoto.

Granted, these are entry-level programs for basic edits, but these programs still have a great deal of potential. In fact, all projects from these applications can later be migrated to their professional-level counterparts (Final Cut X, Logic, and Aperture).

It’s becoming progressively more common to see simple edits made on site with iPads, then later shifted over to Final Cut for more expertly achieved editing. In terms of quick assembly, the product is phenomenal.

Practical application is limited as of now, but the introduction of Chromebooks and the Windows Surface, of which developers argue rival the power and functionality of the iPad, could spell the introduction of tablets being implemented in multiple phases of production.

Programs like Avid, Premiere, and Photoshop (which already has a powerful mobile application for iPads) could become more common on set.

Ultimately, a good editor can utilize the application he/she is most familiar with to produce a professional result…But who’s to say the medium they achieve said result on couldn’t be a tablet?

Just think: only a few years ago, the idea of editing an entire feature film on a laptop was ludicrous, but today many indie filmmakers produce multiple projects from just a MacBook Pro.

Perhaps a few more years down the road, it’ll be commonplace for editors to work on set, with nothing but a tablet in their hands.

Regardless of the situation or time, Skillman Video Group will continue to use the best level of technology suited for our productions.