Network Lunch Lecture Series

Skillman Video Group

(February 28, 2014) – When Eastern Nazarene College was looking for professional business owners with thriving businesses in the Boston area, they made sure to do anything possible to have Christina Skillman, CEO and Creative Director of Skillman Video Group.

Eastern Nazarene College’s Business Department started this spring semester with a Network Lunch Lecture Series that brings in different CEO’s from different companies in the Boston area to talk to students about their journeys. Christina Skillman was invited to speak to the current business students who are interested in marketing, video production, or even starting a business.

Since we are a Boston video production company, the lecture began with a video about Skillman Video Group. This helped the students understand what kind of business Christina does.

Students were really interested in how a person could turn a creative skill into a business.

One thing that Christina made sure the students knew was that when she started Skillman Video Group, she had a business mindset instead of a creative mindset.

This was an important factor when starting her business because it helped her build a strong foundation for her company that many clients were impressed with.

Throughout her lecture, she told a story of how she went from working at a cable access station to risking it all in order to start her very own company. She mentioned that the only way she was able to get clients to believe in her and her company was by showing them that before she even started her company, she was already an internationally awarded videographer.

Her documentary, based in Billericay, England, caught the attention of many people and received an honorable award.

The students enjoyed hearing the steps it took for Christina to be where she is today. Since many of the students were interested in Christina’s story, they were very eager to ask questions.