Do We Need Media?

Media-LogoDid you know that in today’s world, no matter the business you are in, you are a media company? You could think to yourself “oh we are in the car industry” or “we are in the printing business,” and you would be wrong. People today are normally connected to technology. It’s normal to see people walking around with smartphones checking the news, media, or social media. Businesses have to realize this, and take advantage of it. No matter what kind of business or industry you are in, you are a media company.

Cultural Weekly published an article about how businesses should view themselves as media companies, no matter if you employ 10,000 employees or are a sole proprietor.  The best way to become a media company is by doing what media companies do: Empower others to share their stories and information through you. Give your customers/audience/consumers the tools with which they share, articulate and improve their lives. The more your customer/audience is involved that more you will likely grow in your social media. Cultural Weekly also gave 3 easy stepsthat you should do to become a media company.

  1. Stop thinking that you don’t have the time or ability to do media, social media, or video
  2. Create content that people love and want to share
  3. Focus on storytelling, because the best story always wins. If your company doesn’t have a narrative, it cannot be a viable company.

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