Entrepreneurship through Video Marketing – The Blessing & The Curse

e n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p .

            The curse.
            Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. All businesses goes through the start-up process, and it’s at this infantile stage that every detail becomes of monumental consequence. In this day and age, the market is defined by saturation, globalization, rapid technological shifts, and fierce competition. Research the numbers even briefly and daunting estimates of start up failure rates eagerly assert themselves. Add to that, the wildfire proliferation of the internet and social media has made capturing and sustaining an audiences’ attention dishearteningly more challenging.
            The Blessing.
            If, however, an entrepreneur has the stuff to persevere these bullying statistics and trying times, a business of real potential can begin to bloom, and emphasis begins to shift from the thorns to the petals. In short; it’s the internet. Where as before it may have seemed like a convoluted network of insurmountably well funded ad campaigns and flash in the pan social trends, when used for ones favor the online ecosystem becomes an invaluable resource of promotion, outreach, and real connection.
Today’s modern age of information comes with its costs, but also its benefits. Navigating so that the costs are minimized and the benefits are maximized is of course the key, but like everything, that’s easier said than done.


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