Producing Videos for Start Ups


Our Director of Photography, Chuck Green

Towards the end of April, our Director of Photography, Chuck Green, found himself with other members of our video production crew at the upscale restaurant Bergamot, which is located in Somerville. Our video production crew was tasked with capturing the footage that would be necessary to create a video for a start up business’s website that is currently under development. The video that we shot will run on the homepage of this website, and we’re excited to create branded content for this new business.

First we’d like to extend our thanks to the staff at Bergamot, for their endlessly accommodating, polite, and professional behavoir throughout our shoot. A small amount of disruption accompanies video production. The presence of a camera, and a few relative strangers in the work place always changes someone’s daily routine. At Skillman Video Group, we consistently employ industry-standard practices that minimize disruption throughout the recording process.

Now, the interesting part of the shoot for our crew was the need to improvise a solution to a very real problem. For part of the video, our video’s subject had great delivery when he was allowed to read his lines off of a teleprompter. The funny thing about recording in a restaurant is a distinct lack of teleprompters.

Little challenges like this have never been an issue for our video production crew, and we were readily came up with an inventive solution. Skillman Video Group is Boston’s premier video production company, offering video production services that adapt for whatever challenge is presented to our video production crew.

We recorded our subject from the side, and one member of the crew held foamcore boards with his lines written on them off of one side of the camera. By doing so, the audience won’t see our subject’s eyes moving as he reads the script, creating the illusion that every line is being delivered off the cuff.

Little, inventive tricks like that are part of the Boston video production life. We’re never quite sure what unexpected challenge will present itself on set, but we’re always ready to tackle it with an inventive solution.

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