From Concept to Content – Production

In this last installment of the concept development blog series, we’ll be talking about the capstone for the entire process: producing the actual content. At this point, we’ve had the initial brainstorming phase lead into a work shopping period. Drafts of various content get edited, and re-edited, and eventually what is on paper reaches a point of readiness. Now, it’s time to get behind the camera.

There are several ancillary tasks to complete to make producing your content possible. If you’re going to be using talent for the video, there has to be a thorough casting process. If you are going to be animating the content, it’s important to have a clear story board and a precise idea of exactly how the animation will function. With the creation of your concept, all of the pieces will come together at this point.

Now that you have a solid idea of how to proceed, the actual filming of your content will be a relatively straightforward ordeal. The best part about being so prepared is that it allows us to focus on making the little things pop: that’s what really sets the excellent apart from the mediocre. Taking the extra time to get the lighting just right is only possible when you work with deliberation and professionalism – both of which Skillman Video Group prides itself on.

Once the filming itself is complete, the very last phase is post-production and editing. The video is stitched together, smoothed out, and perfected. What is then presented to our client is both the original concept, and something greater. The truly remarkable thing about video as a medium is it’s ability to transcend what you think is possible. In just a short online video, an enormous amount of content can be expressed.

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