Professional Video Shoot at Veterinary Dental Clinic

Professional Video Shoot at Veterinary Dental Clinic 1

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On August, SVG was on set to film a corporate video in collaboration with Wells Fargo. SVG was hired by Imagination Agency, a company based in Chicago, to shoot a series of videos for the company’s “Customer Business Stories,” which is meant to profile the small businesses that Wells Fargo represents in the New England area. SVG was the Boston video company subcontracted in order to represent the Northeast, and for this particular video, the set was at a Boxborough veterinary clinic, where we interviewed the founder and owner, as well as shot extensive amounts of B-roll to layer over the footage.

By committing to advertising a national campaign through online video, Wells Fargo is able to reach a broad audience, and the stories that are incorporated into every business profile are ones that resonate with viewers, which composes an impactful, subtle sales pitch. It is not an advertisement in the traditional sense, instead it discretely mentions the company as a component to the business’ success, rather than the sole reason for it.

Professional Video Shoot at Veterinary Dental Clinic 2

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Call time was at 9 am, and the crew had to follow a strict schedule in order to set up the cameras and lighting for the interview, which took approximately 45 minutes to shoot. SVG was asked to provide an extensive amount of equipment, which included: two FS7 cameras, a gaffer, enough audio equipment for a video village, a director, monitors and headphones, and a hair and make-up team. After the interview had wrapped, the next few hours were dedicated to gathering B-Roll, which included shots of the animals being treated at the office, the facilities, the medical charts and equipment, and the doctors at work. For the interview itself, there were two cameras set up in order to film both wide and close shots of the talent speaking. A shotgun microphone was placed above her, and a lavaliere microphone was attached to her clothes. The use of two microphones was necessary in order to record both her voice and the room’s tone to use as the primary audio track in the sound mixing process. Several LED lights, which are the most ideal choices for a professional shoot, were set up in the standard way – back light, fill, and key. This ensures that the talent is well lit, and that the video itself is visually successful.

Brand Development StrategyProfessional Video Shoot at Veterinary Dental Clinic 3

In accordance with Wells Fargo’s mission, which was to demonstrate how small company owners grow their own businesses, some of the talking points for the interview included the clinic’s history, the owner’s goals for her business, and how she was able to maintain a prosperous veterinary hospital for such a specific field. These questions, as well as the B-Roll footage, which tangibly shows the hospital’s work, is an excellent strategy for brand development.


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