Professional Video on Social Media

Some of the most popular social networking sites today are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  At first glance, these sites appear to be for the young, sociable, computer generation, seemingly forsaking all other ways of interacting with friends.  However, in the past few years, many internet and social media sites have been created or expanded, offering a sophisticated and tangible way for companies to interact with and update their clients!  Social media and networking for corporations is on the rise, and is expected to keep going!

According to a study by British consultancy cScape released this year, companies have found that utilizing the internet and social media have “resulted in a tangible improvement in[their] organization’s online customer engagement”.   Email newsletters took the top percentage of 67%, but right in second place at 44% was having a presence on social networks.  32% of companies saw a benefit from blogging, and 33% of companies also saw an improvement in online customer interaction when utilizing a brand-created on-line video!  And according to eMarketer in an October 2009 study, online video in advertising and marketing is expected to increase by 40% in 2010!!

So what does all this mean for you?  Skillman Video Group has a specialty in creating online web marketing videos and offer Internet marketing services to help you make the most of your video!  With our partnership with QLegal, we can offer you ways to market to potential clients as well as maintain contact with your existing clients through online video, social networking sites, YouTube, and our Search Engine Optimization techniques!  With internet marketing video expected to jump in use, this is the perfect time to have a professional marketing video done for you by Skillman Video Group.  It is essential to represent your company at the highest level of professionalism by utilizing quality video production and the latest Internet marketing techniques to get you the highest return on your investment possible.  The professionals at Skillman Video Group have years of experience getting our clients results –  contact us today to find out more!!

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