Video Blogs: A Growing Trend

Skillman Video Group has taken note of a growing trend that even though it may not apply to many companies still offers some good insight into video marketing and social media. First came the blog. Now the video blog is spreading across the Internet. A video blog achieves the same purpose of a standard blog: concise, focused messages covering practically any topic. Only video blog, or “vlog,” is delivered purely through video, not text. Many vlogs exist as channels on YouTube, where users submit videos dedicated to one subject area on a regular basis.

Part of what makes SVG take note of vlogs is that many vlog creators are launching careers from their video. More and more frequently, I notice “vloggers” featured in magazine detailing a future book deal or clothing line. Many of these vloggers focus on health and beauty topics, such as make-up application or style guides.

Even if your company does not offer a service on how to re-create Lady Gaga’s latest hairstyle, there are a few things to be learned from video blogs. First off, vlogs show us just how important video has become in the 21st century. People are building their careers and lives around video; millions of others are watching. Now it

Filming an instructional video on window cleaning for Pro-Windows

Filming an instructional video on window cleaning for Pro-Windows

is essential and almost expected to incorporate video into your company marketing strategy. Video allows you much more freedom than other mediums. It can take on all sorts of purposes: marketing, demonstration, educational, instructional and more. Video connects you with potential clients in ways that other mediums cannot.  Viewers can actually see (and hear) your company, your work, who you are!

Another technique successful video blogs demonstrate is consistency. The people now profiting from their vlogs achieved this partially by updating their vlogs on a regular basis. They continued to offer new material every few days. Social media is a wonderful tool for many companies when properly used. Part of using social media to your benefit means updating! Starting a Facebook page will offer your business very little unless you are  updating your “status” regularly  and interacting with other users.

Video blogs reinforce the power of video, as well as social media. While a video blog may or may not be in the future for your company, video in general definitely should be. To discuss the many ways video can help grow your presence in the online market place, contact Skillman Video Group today!