Sales & Marketing Checklist for 2014

Marketing ChecklistSVG is your one stop on line marketing center.  In order to help you sharpen your marketing tools and strategies for the coming year, we have prepared a short checklist of important items, which we recommend you review, strategize (where to invest time, money and energy and where not to) and implement in the coming year:

1.  Are all social media platforms current and up to date? 

What makes social media such a powerful marketing tool is that you can reach millions of people with a click of a button.  However, that can work against you, if you are not using the right social media platform for your target audience, or not updating your content regularly.

And whatever you do for social media in 2014 – do not ignore Google+

2. Is your on line video content engaging and relevant?

Since content is king of the Internet….then video is the King of all content.  Here are important questions to ask as you review the video content you have, and consider what video content you want to create in 2014:

  1. Does your marketing video reflect you, or product or service, and company ethic succinctly and powerfully?
  2.  Does your video content showcase your relevance in today’s market place?

If your answer is no to any of these questions above, it may be time to revisit your video marketing strategy in 2014.

3. Is your web site up to date technically and esthetically?

The design and development of CMS (Content Management System) has advanced miles in recent years, and it is important that your web site (one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal) be up to date both aesthetically AND technically.  You need to ask the questions:

  1. Do I have up to date content management technology and good copy writing for blogs and videos?
  2. Can my site be displayed on smart phones and tablets, as well as computers?
  3. Are all my social media accounts integrated within the site?
  4. Is our blogging (and larger overall content strategy) mapped and strategic as we go into the new year?

4. Are your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies on target in 2014? seo checklist

  1. Are key words, links and tags drawing people to your site?
  2. Is your website correctly targeting the audience and getting the traffic you are after?

SEO after all is a blend of both the technical (tagging, linking, key words) and the creative (photos, copy, video, blogging etc).  If your site is to heavily weighted on the technical side but neglecting the aesthetic, you may drive more traffic but will convert fewer leads.  Working with an SEO expert will help bring your site to a  new level in performance by developing a targeted SEO campaign to both increase traffic and new lead conversion.

5. Don’t forget in-person networking!

With everything being so accessible online it is easy to overlook the value of a face to face meeting.  No matter how excellent your online marketing campaign may be, you can never completely erase the human element.  Nothing compares with a face to face meeting in getting deals done.  In fact, the goal of any good online marketing strategy should be to get you that initial introduction.  So don’t neglect your offline marketing initiatives or your networking events.  Both are excellent forms of garnering new business!