Specialized Video Marketing: Parker|Scheer’s Strategy for Client Engagement and Outreach

Parker|Scheer Elevates Client Outreach with Specialized Marketing Videos

(December 16, 2010) Recently, Skillman Video Group (SVG) undertook a significant project at the Charlestown office of the renowned personal injury law firm, Parker|Scheer. The project involved filming a series of marketing videos featuring co-founder and Managing Partner Eric Parker, who detailed the firm’s expertise across various types of legal cases.

Tailored Video Content for Targeted Audiences

Andrew setting the lights on set!
Andrew setting the lights on set!

Parker|Scheer’s strategy to produce multiple short videos rather than a single long-form video is rooted in the desire to cater specifically to the needs of potential clients searching for particular legal services.

By segmenting the videos by case type—including construction-related injuries, dog bites, and automobile accidents—the firm ensures that prospective clients find the exact information they’re searching for quickly and efficiently.

This approach not only enhances the user experience but also significantly boosts the firm’s online marketing and SEO efforts.

Each video focuses on a specific area of practice, increasing the likelihood of appearing in search results for those particular legal queries. It also provides viewers with a concise, relevant, and easily digestible piece of content that directly addresses their concerns, thereby increasing the chances that they will watch the video in its entirety.

Showcasing Firm Expertise and Success

Throughout the video series, Eric Parker shares insights into the firm’s successful track record in handling various cases, highlighting specific instances where Parker|Scheer has secured favorable outcomes for their clients.

This not only demonstrates the firm’s legal acumen but also builds trust with potential clients by showcasing their capabilities and dedication to client needs.

Commitment to Quality

The production quality of the videos reflects the professionalism of Parker|Scheer.

Shot in high definition with broadcast-quality lighting and sound equipment, each video is designed to project a polished and authoritative image.

This high standard of production reassures potential clients of the firm’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of their operation.

Enhanced Client Engagement Through Video

By choosing to invest in high-quality, specialized video content, Parker|Scheer effectively communicates its commitment to addressing client needs with precision and care.

The videos serve as a powerful tool for engaging potential clients, providing them with valuable information, and illustrating the firm’s dedication to securing the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Leveraging Video for Competitive Advantage

In a competitive legal market, establishing a strong online presence is crucial. Parker|Scheer’s focused approach to video content not only differentiates them from other firms but also enhances their digital marketing strategy, making them more visible and accessible to those in need of legal assistance.