Expert Videos Highlight a Company’s Expertise

Skillman Video Group, a Boston Video Production Company,  routinely works with clients to discover how they can grow their business or organization with video. SVG has produced many “expert videos” which work in multiple ways to benefit a company. Expert videos highlight a specific service or product in such a way as to make the seller seem an expert in their field. Expert videos can work as searchmercials, a term SVG examined in our last post, help brand a company or serve a niche.

Like other videos SVG produces, expert videos can be used on social media sites, your company website or as advertising on other sites. Expert videos focus on one idea, say social media marketing. Like a searchmercial, an expert video is founded on keywords. Searchmercials are short, specific videos designed to be found via search engines. An expert video can operate as a searchmercial. Both these forms of video can help identify and serve specific niche markets.

Preparing for a shoot at Duane Morris LLP

Preparing for a shoot at Duane Morris LLP

Expert videos, however, are less “trendy” than a searchmercial and are not necessarily a series of videos focused on different keywords. A slew of expert videos may focus on the same keyword/topic.

By centering on one topic over multiple videos, expert videos help brand a business. They show a business’ expertise and give them credibility in that field.

Expert videos are partially educational videos, informing viewers of your services. For this reason they can also be easily used on your website to explain a service or product, as well as a marketing video.

Expert videos are a simple idea that can serve many functions. If you are interested in having your own video produced, contact Skillman Video Group today!