Stop Wasting Your Video Budget: SVG at the AMA Fall 2016 Workshop

On Monday, October 24th, Christina Skillman of Skillman Video Group was invited to speak about Boston video marketing at the American Marketing Association’s Fall 2016 Workshop located at the beautiful Boston Omni Parker House Hotel. Skillman’s presentation was titled, “Optimizing Your Video Marketing Strategy – Stop Wasting Your Video Budget,” and she explained the importance of good video content and Youtube video marketing.

Boston video marketing

Christina Skillman founded Skillman Video Group in 2005 and since then she has been using her marketing instincts and video producing skills to keep the company growing. After three profitable years, Christina was able to survive the period economic downturn in 2008 and continue to expand her business because of her natural abilities as a Boston videographer and the power of the Internet. She is a video maven with extensive knowledge of social media marketing, email marketing and SEO. Youtube is a video outlet that is essential for video marketing because it simplifies the video sharing process. Before Youtube, websites had to use all sorts of complicated plug-ins and web players to incorporate video on their sites. Once Youtube was introduced it became much easier to embed video content into any basic website, this opened up a huge market for Boston video production companies like SVG. 

dsc_0790The American Marketing Association is an elite community of passionate marketers and leaders in the marketing field. Christina was chosen to speak about her proficiency in video marketing content and SEO strategies. The staff at Skillman Video Group are the leading experts in video marketing and Bostonians agree that SVG is the place to go for premier online video content.

The American Marketing Association promotes marketing excellence, which is why Christina was recruited to present her experiences, practices and current work in the world of marketing. The purpose of the workshop was to gather the best and brightest in the field and create a space for them to host stimulating discussions about what is happening now in the digital marketing world. Christina’s presentation focused on optimizing video content and the skills and strategies needed to boost your videos and generate positive buzz around your media content. She spoke about her use of SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” and how SVG understands how to take advantage of all important opportunities in the market place.

Understanding the importance of SEO, social media and email marketing is crucial to optimizing any online video content. It is also important to understand how to fully utilize Youtube when promoting said content. Christina began and ended her workshop with the same advice, “tell a story!” No matter what type, length or style of video you are producing, make sure that you are telling a captivating story.

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