Who Needs Social Media Marketing? Everyone.

Why has your video only received 42 views when YouTube gets 3 billion views a day? Users upload 20 hours of video onto YouTube every minute! How can you compete with that much adorable kitten footage? You might be missing the “Social” part of a well managed “Social Video” campaign.

Social Media acts like an international word-of-mouth campaign. People from everywhere can follow your company’s work through blog posts, yelp reviews, and so forth and pass word on to their friends. It’s about shares, not clicks. If you can get followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, and linkers on LinkedIn you can get customers and partners. If you just have a website or just have a video you are missing out on some huge Social Media benefits:

1) Most importantly, a Social Media campaign it improves your company website’s SEO. Every page link, share, and repost will move your company up in search rankings, along with all the text and crosslinking your social media campaign already creates for itself. When you frequently use keywords in your Social Media updates that also raises your page rank. So when someone searches for “Massachusetts Custom Cheese Danish Fabrication” on Google or Yahoo your company will appear ahead of all others.

2) It engages your customers, partners, and prospects. Active Social Media transforms your company image from simply a website or banner ad, into a voice. It’s like when the owner of the restaurant greets you at your table, asks about your service, talks about the impending first day of school, and so on. He is forging a relationship beyond customer and company to encourage your return. Social Media creates a forum or comunity where your audience can interact with each other and with you. The audience becomes the content itself, not just consumers.

3) Visitors to your website will see that your company is active and invested in modern technology. If you don’t have a frequently updated blog or lack a Facebook landing page, they will assume your company is dated.

We believe that Social Media is key to marketing your company, not just for promoting your SVG-produced videos, but also for the reasons above. We set our clients up with a Social Media campaign that will promote their company, boost SEO, and encourages client retention. We can help shape your content, choose your SEO keywords, and find new Social Media services that cater to you and your clients. It’s so easy that there is no excuse for avoiding it especially when other companies and organizations have been using Social Media for several years.

This is why Skillman Video Group provides Social Media services to our clients. It is key to a successful marketing campaign. When combined with SVG-produced videos and web design your company gets a complete marketing package.