Enhancing Office Productivity: A Testimonial for Cambridge Sound Management’s Sound Masking Solutions

Setting Up the Scene


SVG recently filmed a client testimonial video for Cambridge Sound Management at their offices in Waltham, MA.

The interview focused on the benefits of utilizing their innovative sound masking product, designed to protect speech privacy, minimize distractions, and increase office productivity.

The client interviewed was the owner of the office park, who had discovered the product through feedback from his tenants.

Creating the Perfect Interview Environment

Our Director of Photography (DP) set up the interview in the CEO’s corner office, which offered plenty of natural light and a pleasing view of the lawn.

This setting provided an aesthetically pleasing and professional backdrop for the video.

Although our DP used multiple lights and rearranged some furniture for framing purposes, the shoot was quick and efficient.

It was important to be as unobtrusive as possible since we were setting up in an active office, but we were able to move the equipment inside the room seamlessly on a quiet and foldable hand cart.

Technical Setup for a Flawless Shoot

Mike, our lead cameraman, used a two-camera setup to record the interview.

This approach made editing easier, as it allowed us to cut between two different angles of the same take.

Often, people who are not used to being on camera might stutter or lose their train of thought.

Having two angles helps in maintaining the flow of the interview and eliminates continuity issues.

This setup enabled the interview to be conducted in nearly one take, although some questions needed to be repeated due to noise from leaf blowers outside contaminating the first take.

We all shared a laugh at the irony of the situation considering the topic of the interview before shortly returning to work.

Overcoming Challenges and Ensuring Quality

Despite the minor interruptions, the shoot progressed smoothly.

Our DP’s experience and quick thinking ensured that the quality of the footage was not compromised.

After the interview, we broke down the equipment and returned the furniture to its original places.

Being meticulous in restoring the office to its initial state was crucial in maintaining a good relationship with the client and respecting their workspace.

Adding Visual Variety with B-Roll

After wrapping up the indoor shoot, we headed outside to capture some B-roll footage.


This step is important in almost any corporate marketing video as it brings diversity and visual interest to the video, moving beyond a simple talking head format.

We used a slider outside to obtain some nice establishing shots of the building and its surroundings.

The offices were located in a wide, freshly gardened park, offering a serene early morning retreat from the bustling city.

The lush greenery and well-maintained landscape added a touch of calmness and professionalism to the footage.

Returning to a Valued Client

SVG had produced an online video for Cambridge Sound Management a year earlier, so we were very happy to return for another release.

It’s always rewarding to work with clients who appreciate and value the quality of our work.

This repeat engagement not only reinforced our relationship with Cambridge Sound Management but also demonstrated their satisfaction with our previous work.

Highlighting the Benefits of Sound Masking

The testimonial video effectively highlighted the benefits of Cambridge Sound Management’s sound masking product.

The client’s genuine endorsement and firsthand experience provided a credible and persuasive message.

He spoke about how the product significantly improved the office environment by reducing noise distractions and enhancing privacy.

This improvement led to increased productivity and a more focused work atmosphere, benefiting all tenants in the office park.

Reflecting on the Project

Overall, the project was a success.

The combination of a well-planned setup, efficient execution, and the inclusion of diverse B-roll footage resulted in a high-quality testimonial video.

The footage captured not only conveyed the practical benefits of the sound masking product but also reflected the professional and serene environment of the office park.

Our team’s ability to adapt to challenges and maintain a smooth workflow ensured that the final product met the client’s expectations.

Looking Forward

As we look forward to future projects, we remain committed to delivering top-notch videography services that highlight our clients’ strengths and successes.

Working with Cambridge Sound Management once again was a pleasure, and we are eager to see the impact of this testimonial video on their marketing efforts.