SVG On Set: Learn to Earn Program

Testimonial video

(August 30, 2016) – Windy days can be obnoxious to many. It ruins a good hair day, and if you are a woman, you are constantly having to hold your dress down to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Though a windy day is annoying to the average person, imagine how much worse it is for a corporate video production company trying to shoot interviews outside!

Beautiful days in Boston make for gorgeous video interview backdrops, especially at Bunker Hill Community College.

Learn to Earn Program

Video Production Services

Recently, our Boston video production services were required for the Learn to Earn Program at the college, where we shot testimonials of those who are involved with the program.

We were led by our CEO and video producer, Christina Skillman, as well as our professional videographer, Chuck.

This isn’t the first time Skillman Video Group has filmed a marketing video outside, and it certainly won’t be the last when you have the unique Boston scenery as your backdrop!

For this particular testimonial video, the message was geared toward attracting more sponsors for the program. A video testimonial was the perfect fit for this Boston video production shoot, for it drives home the emotional message of each interviewee’s story; and, therefore, has the most impact on the audience. 

Audio Adjustments

Audio and Lighting are always more variable when shooting outside. The videographer and producer must take into account the ambient noise from cars, wind, birds, people, etc. that is just part of an outdoor setting.

When filming inside or in a closed set, there is rarely any concern about background noise. Yet, our experience as a corporate video production company prepared us for this outdoor shoot, which we were extremely excited about.

Equipment wise, we set-up a shot gun mic and a lavalier. Though for most Boston video production shoots we only require a lavalier to be used, the shotgun mic was essential to pick up more audio from the interviewee that might have been drowned out by the background noise.

Lighting vs The Sun

Testimonial Video

Weather-wise, you couldn’t ask for a better day. The shade surrounding the courtroom at the campus made for a perfect filming spot.

Some may wonder why it’s so important to film in shade. One reason is that it makes for fewer sweaty faces. If the interviewees have the sun beaming down on them, they will begin to sweat, and the camera will make their faces look shiny, which will thus will be a distraction to the audience.

Filming in shade also provides better lighting. Too much sunlight can cause the camera to pick up glares off the lenses. Not to mention, the sun’s position changes throughout the day and casts different shadows.

When filming there shouldn’t be an obvious lapse in time. Lighting should stay consistent throughout the video production shoot. For instance, if one interviewee has shadows to their left and then another interviewee has shadows the the right it will cause a distraction and the audience will listen less to the testimonials and will focus more on the indiscreet lighting changes.

Luckily for our corporate video production company, the shaded court area made the filming day go by easily. To ensure proper lighting Chuck set up a fill light with blue gels. The blue gels balances out the red/yellow colors from the sun. This makes the post-production process easier in regards to video editing tone color.

Overall our corporate video production company was pleased with how smooth the day went by. Of course there are always challenges when it comes to filming outside, but our crew members and all those who are part of the Learn to Earn Program were ready to go. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to film.