How Video Testimonials Convert Visitors into Clients

One of the most powerful types of video that can be employed on a website to convert visitors into clients is the testimonial video.  By nature, most marketing is biased in favor of the business; savvy consumers often hesitate to trust any claims or descriptions coming from the company attempting to sell them a service or product.  A video of a client testifying to the quality of their experience with your business can provide website viewers with a level of confidence that cannot be achieved through a traditional marketing pitch.

Video testimonials connect on a personal level because a potential client is likely in the same position as the client featured in the testimonial before they chose your business. In the example above, HolliBalance Well-Being Center in Boston, MA hired SVG to produce 4 client testimonial videos for conditions ranging from arthritis, sciatica to infertility. The Client Testimonial videos will be able to connect with potential clients also suffering with these conditions and really communicate the effectiveness of the treatment(s) being offered.   In this way a video testimonial can take the guess work out of choosing a product or service as potential clients who view the video will know that this product/service has worked for others.

If your business has satisfied clients enthusiastic about supporting your company, then you are in a great position to take advantage of Skillman Video Group’s professional quality video production services.  In addition to adding great content to your website, video testimonials can also be successful on social media websites like Facebook, where their concise and convincing formula can attract new clientele.  Another example of a testimonial video recently completed by SVG can be found here. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services!