SVG prepares for live webinar with global client Progress Software

SVG prepares for live webinar with global client Progress Software 1

Preparing for the Progress Software webinar

Recently, Skillman Video Group went to the global headquarters of Progress Software, a new client located in Bedford, MA.  Progress hired SVG to shoot the video portion of their upcoming live webinar. Hosted on the online meeting site WebEX, this quarterly webinar features the market-leading software company’s new CEO. In conjunction with various department personnel, we did a run-through of all the technical aspects necessary for our shoot at the end of the month.  The company’s large conference room will house 300 employees on the day of the shoot and will broadcast online for the many additional employees to branches around the world.  To ensure the highest quality video for such an important and large scale event, SVG is the go-to company for all video production needs.

The run-through proved to be very helpful in telling us exactly what equipment we need and don’t need for the day of the live shoot.  The ability to adapt in any given situation is a key component in creating a trusting relationship with the client and essential in being a successful professional video production company.  SVG guarantees that the client feels comfortable knowing that all the details will be taken care of.  In addition to the live video feed, SVG will be providing Progress with  the footage in a compressed, web-ready format for them to upload to their website.  Progress Software is a leader in their industry with a high traffic website, and SVG’s high-quality work will allow them to communicate with their international audience effectively and clearly.  From professional studio lighting to high definition video, Skillman Video Group will provide its all-encompassing video production expertise for any style of video the client requests.