Noticing the Little Things in Video Production

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Detail is the most important thing when it comes to making a quality video. If a video is the first thing a consumer sees about your company, you want it to be professional. Every company wants the best video production services, one that will help get your company’s message to the consumer. A top New England Video Production Company is the one that will take the time to focus on the details. The little things do count! At Skillman Video Group, we care about your company and want to help you focus on the little things; check out some of the most often thought-over details below:

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Video Production Locations

Take advantage of what your office has to offer. Don’t go straight to using a green screen, it never looks as real as you think it will. Find a nice area inside or outside of your office that has good scenery. You want the atmosphere of your video to be attractive and relatable to the audience, but not take away from the content you are presenting. Your producer can help with the location choice, make sure to get their input. Some of the best Boston Video Productions have an amazing view of the city, make sure you find the perfect place before you start shooting! 

Video Production Lighting Tips

Depending on the shoot, you will need to set up the lighting to best illuminate the person speaking. What you want to be careful about, is whether you have created a shadow or a glare. There are many decisions made in the set up process, most importantly is; which lights to use and where to set them up to best highlight the interviewee. Using different key and fill lights will help make your interviewee look best on camera, which will be more appealing for the video. Your producer will know the best ways to incorporate the natural light to help illuminate not only the person but the location as well.

Top New England Video Production CompanyBest Clothing for Video Shoot

Appropriate attire that matches the company’s vibe is key. Your audience will react towards the style shown on camera, so make sure to dress how you want your company to be seen. It is best to stay away from clothing with fine print or bright colors, that may be distracting against the lighting. Those who are in the video will be the face of the company, so they need to look put together. You don’t want your spokesperson to have messy hair, because it will reflect back on the company. Throughout the shoot keep track of the little parts of their outfit; buttons are correct, bra is not showing, tie or pins are straight.

Video Production Interview Techniques

You want to make sure the interviewee of your video is comfortable in front of a camera. We know they most likely aren’t an actor, but looking natural on screen is very important for company videos. If the interviewee is nervous they might tend to keep looking around. To avoid this try having them look toward another person instead of directly at the camera. It is important they feel comfortable. Instead of having them memorize lines or read from a cue card, have a more conversational tone to make the video more welcoming. Warm-up questions are a good way to prepare your interviewee so they are comfortable by the time the camera starts rolling. 

These are the little things you don’t want to miss, every Top New England Video Production Company will say the same thing; stay focused on the detail! So many things can be distracting on camera; a piece of hair standing up, or exit sign, even ambient sound surrounding your location. Whether you are hiring video production services or doing it yourself, noticing the little things will make a big difference!

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