SVG’s Favorite Video Production & Marketing Blogs

Keeping Up with the Joneses & Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the world of video (from the actual production to online marketing), there are some constants, but it’s 2015, meaning that there are also many elements continually in flux.  Equipment and technology is always being upgraded and improved upon (and sometimes even being made cheaper in the process).  Evolving at an even faster rate is the way in which we market video online.  Because of this, new questions are constantly springing up: Which video hosting site should I use?  How do I use video in my email marketing campaign?  How do I optimize my video for the web?  Which social media site will allow for the greatest shareability?

With all of these questions and more in mind, it may seem easy to get lost in the shuffle of everyday progression.  But it’s important that you don’t let yourself or your business get left behind.  The key to keeping up with trends and staying ahead of the curve is remaining informed.  With so many industry blogs and journals out there, however, you may find it difficult to narrow down your options.  For this reason exactly, we at Skillman Video Group, LLC thought we’d lend a helping hand and make the decision-making process a little easier for you.  We present to you a list of our favorite video production and marketing blogs, outstanding resources for industry news, information, tips, and so much more.  Read on!


Our Favorite Video Production & Marketing Blogs

Philip Bloom’s Blog

Philip Bloom is a British filmmaker mainly known for his work in cinematography and documentary filmmaking.  His experience ranges from work with Lucasfilm and BBC, but he’s probably most well-known in the world of DSLR filmmaking.  While you probably won’t be able to get to one of his workshops, his blog is certainly a good place to start.  Featuring general filmmaking advice and tips, Bloom’s blog also showcases news on his latest work, new equipment, and more.

Official YouTube Blog

The content on the official YouTube blog talks exclusively about the site’s goings-on, but that covers a gamut of different topics, from live-streaming events to ads to music videos and more.  If you’re looking to keep up with whatever YouTube is updating and throwing out there (and you should be), be sure to keep your eye on this one.

YouTube also has two other blogs, the YouTube Creator Blog (which offers tips, advice, and more to video creators) and the YouTube Trends Blog (a look at what’s trending on the site).

The @Vidyard Video Marketing Blog

Referring to themselves as the world’s leading video marketing blog, the @Vidyard Video Marketing Blog offers up (as the site says) video marketing resources, inspiration, and tactics.  While they veer away from the actual production side of video, they dive deep into the world of video marketing with intelligent insight that covers a wide range of topics.  A must-read.

Wistia at Work

Wistia is a video-hosting service based in our very own Cambridge, and their blog is a wonderful resource that looks at all areas of production, from pre-production to post-production to marketing.  Feeling uncertain about how to make your video or best use your video?  Then look no further.

The Moz Blog: Video

Moz is a company that creates tools and software to improve inbound marketing in all areas, from SEO to content marketing.  Here’s a description of their blog from the actual site: “The industry’s top wizards, doctors, and other experts offer their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights—all in the name of helping you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills.”  Their section on video marketing serves that exact purpose.  The knowledgeable and experienced video marketer’s video marketing blog.


ReelSEO is “The Online Video Marketer’s Guide – The world’s leading resource for analysis, tips and trends for the online video and internet marketing industries. Our videologists & columnists offer expert advice, guidance, and commentary about the world of online video in an effort to guide internet marketers and video content producers towards best practices and online video services that suit their needs. Our goal is to help evangelize for the industry, collect and disseminate best practices, and learn a little bit while doing it.”

When looking for what’s trending in any and all areas of video marketing, ReelSEO is our regular go-to resource.  While not “technically” a blog, we felt it was absolutely necessary to include it.

Video Brewery Blog

Video Brewery works with companies to craft custom video content, employing a curated marketplace of freelancers and studios.  Their blog offers excellent video tips, tricks, and samples, as well as news and updates.  They collect the best of web video and put it all in one convenient place.

Official Vimeo Staff Blog

The official Vimeo blog is run entirely by the company’s staff, allowing them a chance to geek out and talk about the things they’re passionate about.  Want to hear about their favorite videos currently on Vimeo?  Want to learn more about using video for small business?  Curious about a VOD case study?  Well, here you go.  They have all that and so much more.  You’re going to want to be sure to keep up with one of the biggest names in online video.


At Skillman Video Group, LLC, our team of professionals understands the importance of remaining informed and keeping up with the trends of the video industry.  In keeping with that, we run our own company blog, featuring inside looks at recent company shoots, discussions of what’s trending, tips and advice, and so much more.  Stay ahead of the curve and read on.


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