Skillman Video Group’s Method for Successful Videos

One of the most key components of any type of marketing is knowing what appeals to your audience. This is also the most difficult because it requires you to isolate what you like from what you know your audience will like.  For example, if your target age group is 10 years old, chances are a simple video showing a man sitting in an office will not hold their attention. Part of our job in video production and marketing at Skillman Video Group is to help you discover what will best engage your desired client and then design a production plan around that desired result.

DSCN0606 In correlation with this task, we employ our simple but successful method for video production and Internet marketing. Throughout our process, we strive to be professional. “Professional” for us merely means that extensive thought and a custom strategy to engage your audience have gone into each and every step of producing your video.  Whether you are going for the “flip cam self-produced” look or “super slick and polished” (or anywhere in between) it is important to have a well planned and thought out strategy behind it.  Taking the time to understand what your audience will appreciate, ensures a successful video project.  “Professional” means creating a video that will best work for you, and give you the highest return on investment possible.

Once we determine the story we will be telling in your video, we begin the filming process with the visuals. We construct a well-framed shot with an appropriate backdrop and good lighting in order to create the most visually pleasing video possible. Next, we insure those acting within the frame are well coached and directed so their actions match the mood of the video, whether it be direct, aggressive, outrageous etc. Our final step in creating a video is the high-quality editing, where we make sure only the best remains and that it comes together as a professional video tailored to your needs. Any video produced at Skillman Video Group will go through this same system and thought process. And the result will always be a professional video that was created to appeal directly to your audience.