Take Your Digital Marketing Strategy into 2016 with Video

The consumption of video content has exploded since technological advances have made it possible to access the internet on the go, but Forbes is predicting an even larger boom for online video marketing in its article, The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016PB011211

While In-Serp video advertising (video ads which appear in search results and can be expanded or un-muted when hovered over) is nothing new, it is anticipated to become far more popular in the coming year. Google, which has previously abstained from the technique, will now begin utilizing it. The proliferation of auto-play internet video has become so common that users expect to see them when using the web. With Google now participating, these types of video ads will become far more recurrent and users will continue to anticipate them as the norm. Social media video marketing becomes even more efficient with the heightened search access to demographics.

The new year is expected to reward accessibility, with Forbes also predicting rises in app indexing, digital assistance relevance such as SEO marketing or Siri, and wearable technology. In an ever-changing climate, only the savvy will survive, making a greater understanding of these trends highly valuable to companies willing to adapt to innovations in technology. Online video marketing is essential in tangent with any of these accessibility advancements. Texting & Driving-Male

Video is able to engage audiences in ways that other forms of advertising cannot, making it the most effective way to stay relevant. Producing a large amount of diverse video content expands a brand’s visibility online, therefore making it more accessible. With the internet allowing users to access nearly anything in all parts of the globe, remaining or becoming competitive relies on a company’s ability to take advantage of increased content consumption. Hiring a professional video production company to help your business take its marketing strategy to the next level and identify the most highly effective content is a surefire way to take the new year on by storm.

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