Using SEO to Stay Relevant

In the digital age, having a website and social media presence is essential for any business, but even those aren’t enough anymore. If you feel like your marketing strategies and efforts are going unnoticed and falling into the void of the Internet, it might be time to change how you are advertising. Producing content that isn’t reaching your target audience or even being noticed is a waste of your time and money. So, how do you start making connections and racking up views? The answer is in SEO. Search Engine Optimization is, essentially, a way of “controlling” how high up on search results you will appear. Have you ever journeyed to the nether that is page two of Google search results? Neither have your customers. That’s why staying relevant, frequent, and visible is an invaluable method to strengthening your online marketing bicep. (an online video marketing guide) recently published an article cataloging eight great ways to make and keep your content relevant. For instance, by updating your titles, descriptions, and tags, you can get more YouTube views. If your titles are not exciting, interesting, or relevant, why would anyone click on them? Coming up with fun and keyword-friendly ways to describe your videos will make them easier to find and sound more interesting. Irrelevant tags will only do you harm because they’re not attracting the type of traffic you need, and the views they’re bringing in will just lead to disappointment. Consistent, relevant tagging will ensure that people are searching for what you have and will slowly help you climb up the search results page.

The time of day you post is also an important, but often overlooked, factor. By adding content when your social media sites are at their heaviest volume of traffic, you’re more likely to be seen. Think of it as if you’re handing out flyers on the street. Obviously you would want to be outside and ready as people are heading to work, not in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. A video ad campaign is very similar: you want to catch people when they’re online.

Another tactic is finding out where your audience is. How are they finding your videos in the first place? Where do they spend most of their time? The goal is to find more people like them, so advertising on the places they hangout is key. By sending out surveys, you can simply ask your audience these questions and take steps to increase your visibility in their blind spots. Specifying to your audience’s interests will also be useful in helping you figure out how to market yourself and what kind of content to post. Keeping an eye on what they like and share will give you clues as to how to get their attention.


Learning from your competitors is also very helpful. If something is working for them, why shouldn’t it work for you, too? Wherever your competitors are popping up, you should be appearing alongside them.

Don’t end up just shouting into the void. Internet video marketing is a competition to attract the most clicks and views. Adjusting how search engines see you and refer to you is a surefire way to start generating more hits and, of course, more business.

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