Online Video Marketing vs. TV Marketing

Online Video MarketingWhen it comes to video marketing, a company looks to find the best solutions with the ability to reach the largest number of consumers without spending greater sums of money.

As online video becomes more popular, it begs the question of whether a company would generate greater benefits from online video marketing or television marketing?

Benefits of Online Marketing

It’s apparent that online marketing has become a widely used tool for many companies looking to create testimonials or sell products. In a recent survey done by BrightRoll, 72% of ad agencies said online video ads are as effective or more effective than TV ads, and video ads have grown 88.6% in the last three years.

For any company trying to develop a video marketing campaign, the slow decline from TV to online video content is noticeable and, ultimately, beneficial. U.S adults are spending 5.5 hours watching video content each day while TV content was watched 4.15 hours each day, according to eMarketer. Although there is not a tremendous difference between the hours spent, online marketing is more cost-effective. National TV advertising costs between $63,000 and $8 million for setup, with each ad costing $342,000 per 30 seconds; whereas online content marketing costs between $6,000 and $12,000 for setup and costs for media display (video) are free.

Google Video Marketing

The greater use of online video streaming the more video streaming sites are providing marketing tools for companies to be able to track their videos results. UTM Parameter on Google and YouTube Analytics Panel are the greatest tools for any company looking to know specific details about their online video or website. For instance, UTM parameter tags are tags that are added to the end of an URL and can be built through Google’s Analytics Link Builder. Google’s UTM parameter allows the company to customize what they want to know about the their website and videos, whether it’s knowing where video traffic is coming from or the duration spent watching the video.

YouTube Video Marketing

Similar to Google’s Analytics Link Builder, YouTube has also developed a marketing tool specified for videos uploaded onto the site. The YouTube Analytics Panal provides:

  • The average duration the video is watched
  • The number of people who viewed the video and where the traffic is coming from
  • The number of people who played backed and shared the video
  • The demographics of the viewers.
  • The geographical impacts, meaning where in the world the views are coming from
  • The subscriptions to the channel and reviews/comments

With more online streaming sites such as YouTube and Google recognizing the large amounts of viewership and evolving to develop marketing tools, online video marketing continues to benefit companies small and large and will only grow as consumers spend more time on the internet.

Television Marketing

Television marketing has always been the go-to when it comes to advertising. In this digital age, however, TV looks to keep up with the marketing tools video streaming sites have provided by allowing marketing campaigns to track cross-platform insights between online videos and TV to understand the advertising effects.

The Nielsen Company is the leading TV marketing provider for companies looking to measure real world memorability and ads’ abilities to resonate emotionally, optimize campaign flight, and track competitors. Consequently, it is much more costly than online video streaming in regards to setting up an account and the time and day the videomercial is aired; but some argue TV provides greater exposure for a company. And yet, cost and the inability to track video results like YouTube and Google are TV’s biggest disadvantage to online video marketing.

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