The Evolution of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Now More Than Just an Online Resume

The days when LinkedIn was merely an online outlet to copy and paste your resume and connect with co-workers are starting to steadily drift behind us.  While the site is still a place to do just that, it has evolved into a different beast.  As of late, it appears that people are finally starting to take advantage of LinkedIn’s full potential.

LinkedIn is still what it’s always been, a business-oriented social networking service, a haven for professional networking.  But like most social networks, it continues to grow.  As of March 2015, they reported more than 364 million acquired users.  You now also have the option to add rich visual content to your profile to help it stand out, from photos and videos to linked articles and infographics.  To further this, you can also optimize your personal profile in order to lead possible clients, employers, and colleagues right to you.

So, LinkedIn is allowing more room and only making it easier for you to cultivate your personal profile.  It’s still a place to build networks and careers… but what about building and growing your business?

The Professional Social Network for Business Development and B2B Marketing

Slowly but surely, the potential of LinkedIn has been realized by the business community.  It is now the professional social network for businesses looking to build an audience, attract clients and partnerships, and more.  Want to generate leads?  Looked to LinkedIn!  Want to create brand awareness?  Look to LinkedIn!  It’s all there, waiting to be taken advantage of.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile:

  • Participate!  Interact with like-minded business professionals, engage in valuable discussions, and offer your insights.  The idea is to build relationships, not mere connections.
  • Post your business’s content on a consistent basis.  Show people what you’re thinking or up to!
  • As I said above, make your profile stand out visually!  People are more likely to take notice if your profile has more flair than another’s.
  • Make your profile easy to understand and clear from the get-go.  People should be able to have a grasp of what exactly you do and how you can help them almost immediately.
  • Show people your worth by avoiding the hard sell.  The moment you start shoving sales pitches in their faces is the moment you lose their interest.

The significance of LinkedIn has become undeniable.  Make it an integral piece of your social media and digital marketing strategies today!

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