Building a Credible Web Presence

The internet can be a tricky place to navigate. There is always someone who is trying to trick you somehow. As a business you have to deal with the other side of that. How can you show someone who drops in on your website that you are real and that you are there to make legitimate transactions?  How do you go about achieving the legitimacy you need on the web?

Digital Brick and Mortar

Employee interviewing for Branded VideoThink about business interactions in the real world. If someone is selling designer goods from a folding plastic table conveniently located near several quick escape routes, chances are you aren’t getting what you are paying for. A legitimate storefront helps build confidence in your reliability.  Your digital presence needs to be thought of in a similar way. A professional and secure website is the storefront to the web.

Face to Face on The Web


Even if you have a nice website, that might not be enough to lend you the legitimacy your business needs. A business video or branded video is a great way to get the feeling of doing business in person. Well made video content provides that personal connection that’s often lost on the web.

Connections, Connections, Connections

Another big way to gain credibility is through who you are associated with. This means making sure your page is search engine optimized to ensure that you’re one of the top hits when someone is looking for a service like yours. It also means making sure you are present on well established directory sites that might push traffic your way. Being associated with legitimate sites and directories lends their credibility to you.

If you’re looking to improve your business’s credibility on the web, consider a business video from Skillman Video Group, just one of the services we offer alongside search engine optimization to ensure that your business video content reaches its intended audience.

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