The Greater Boston Vineyard Church Video Shoot

Jib video Skillman Video Group LLC was hired by The Greater Boston Vineyard to produce high quality videos inorder to promote their church. This was not your typical video shoot. Our professional Boston videographers arrived at the church on Sunday morning and during the first service they started to set up all the equipment. On this video shoot we used a JIB, which took a while to set up but once it was all put together it produced a video shot that was remarkable. While our professional videographers were setting up we also had our Boston video producers observe and find the best angles to shoot.

Once we were all set up, our professional videographers placed the JIB in the back of the church and gave our producers a shot that was very unique and different.  The first part of the video shoot was to record the worship service and sermon. Since this part of the video shoot lasted about 2 hours we made sure to record from as many different angles and use the JIB as much as possible. Once the worship service was done we had to quickly transform the back of the sanctuary to a set where we would interview members of the church.

Interview videoWhen we began the second part of the video shoot our crew decided that the back of the sanctuary would give us the best background for the interviews. After about 30-minutes of setting up lights, cameras, and microphones we began the interviews. We used 2 different cameras, a HD video camera and a DSLR camera, which captured each church member’s passionate story. After the 7 interviews, we had our last interview with the senior pastor and tried a couple of different shots that would help him get his point across. We had the senior pastor walk in the sanctuary, which turned out to be a great shot. The other video take we took had the senior pastor in the front of the sanctuary and we were able to use the stage lights and musical instruments behind him to complete the shot.

It was a full day of shooting but our client was very pleased with how we were able to be flexible and how professional we were during the whole process. Take a look at our portfolio and see the different types of videos we can do it might give you an idea of what you are looking for. Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.