The Importance of Earned Media in Brand Awareness


Earned Media and Brand Awareness

Earned media is, essentially, word of mouth, from shares and retweets to recommendations and viral videos.  Earned media is becoming increasingly important in brand awareness.  The opportunities for brand awareness have changed rapidly since the introduction of video-sharing websites, particularly YouTube.  The importance of video content in driving a brand cannot be understated.  Think of how many videos you watch online every day and how many videos are shared daily via social media.  That’s a lot, right?  While brands should have their own YouTube page for several reasons, the number of overall views about the brand that come from user-generated content may surprise you.

Earned Media Rankings

Carla Marshall of ReelSEO recently wrote an article discussing earned media rankings.  She writes, “According to new research along with an infographic released by ‘brand management platform’ Octoly, on average, user-generated videos about a brand (‘earned media’), were viewed ten times more often than official brand videos (‘owned media’) on YouTube.”  This information reflects the importance of both earned media and the consumers behind it.  Remaining informed about reputation and consumer opinion on sites like YouTube is key to understanding the overall impact of earned media on brand awareness (both positive and negative).

Earned Media and B2B

Earned media is also crucial in brand-to-brand marketing.  Have you ever seen retweeting or video-sharing within the business community?  That alone demonstrates the value of earned media in b2b marketing.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston area video production company that knows the importance of video content, online marketing, and video marketing.  From the beginning, we work with our clients to ensure that we can develop a concept that is both appropriate and clear.  We see the concept through to content creation, working together to build a confident voice, one that is informed by opinion and the advertising opportunities that follow.

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