The Rise of the “Searchmercial”

We live in a world where the company name Google becomes a verb if you need to find someone, a business, or information.  If we don’t know something, we “Google it”.  This concept was alien to most of us 5-10 years ago, and now it is standard operating procedure for consumers and businesses alike.  Companies are constantly trying to figure out how they can use search engines like Google to their highest advantage. With the rise of YouTube and more advanced searching capabilities, Internet searches are involving video more than ever, and now is the best time to get your message across with a professional “searchmercial” video.

So what exactly is a “searchmercial”?  A blog written by RealSEO talks about the increasing need for searchmercials among small to medium businesses.  It is simply a web video that can be found on search engines so customers and clients can find your business. Searchmercials are between 30-90 seconds long and briefly explain you and your company, what service you provide, and any special offers going on.  These web videos allow you to target your audience effectively, so the viewers become your customers. 68% of Internet users watch video ads.  68%!  And as we previously pointed out, it is only expected to grow in the coming year. Television commercials a)  can cost an arm and a leg in addition to your bank account, b) you can only use it a select number of times, and c) there isn’t an immediate feedback on the success of the commercial after it airs.  The beauty of a “searchmercial” is that you can take the level of quality of a traditional TV commercial, for a 1/4 of the price, and use the power of the Internet to reach the customers whenever you want, AND receive immediate feedback on the success (utilizing Google Analytics)!

With web video becoming more popular, the blog states that Internet companies like Google and are making their sites more conducive for web video advertising so that companies can be found by clients.  The phonebook is transferring to the Internet, and in addition to being found with a website, you can be found with a quality web video that speaks more than words on a page ever could. Those 68% of Internet users (and rising) will see your ad, visit your web site, and pick up the phone and call.  That is what we call a hight “rate of return” on your investment.  But how do you want to be perceived?  That is where Skillman Video Group comes in. The blog also states that among small to medium businesses, 75% prefer a custom-made professional video to put on the web.  Businesses all over the country (and Skillman Video Group) are beginning to realize that quality produces results!  It is essential that all aspects of your advertising campaign are done to the highest quality, including your web video, so your clients know you are professional, experienced and the best in your field!  Skillman Video Group is here for you to help market your brand on Internet with a professional high-quality “searchmercial.” Skillman Video Group has the professional equipment and expertise to make you look and sound your best to your clients, and the partnership with QLegal to help you take that video and optimize it on the Internet to get the highest rate of return for your investment.  These Internet viewers’ first impression of  your service or product will be from your web video, so it MUST look and sound good!  With your Skillman Video Group “searchmercial”, your clients will see that you have arrived into the new decade, you will have more control over what you can do with your video, and you can track its success.  2010 is here and roaring – Contact us today for pricing!!