Tips For Your YouTube Description Box

Best Description for YouTube Video

Every minute, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. boston video production
You can now navigate YouTube in more than 75 different languages – that covers over 95% of the total internet population! With over one billion users (almost one third of all people on the internet), the video website is insanely popular; generating between $2.5 – 12 million for each of the ten highest-earning channels this past year. Simply put, YouTube is ripe for opportunity! Investing in quality video production ensures a great final product, but what else can you do to help spread your video? Focus on your Description Box!

What is a Description on YouTube?

The YouTube Description Box (in addition to your title, tags, and captions) can exponentially promote the success of your video(s) if used correctly. By strategically including keywords, links, and intentionally positioned text, you will optimize your video for maximum effectiveness. As a leading Boston video production company, SVG has done the research and has a few tips to share with you!

How do I add a Description to a YouTube Video?

YouTube‘s page layout allows you to watch a video while simultaneously acknowledging the text of the description box. The design is simple: whenever someone is searching for a video, or watching the video, allow the first five lines of text to be clearly exposed beneath the video. Much like the first chapter of a good book, you need to capture your audience’s attention. There is a “read more” tab beneath the first five lines so people can continue to read, however the first five lines will automatically be presented. That being said, MAKE THEM COUNT! Within these first few lines is the awesome opportunity to directly connect with your viewer; post links to your websites, business contact information, social media, etc. There are many strategic ways you can do this in those first lines. Whatever you choose to include, just make sure the most important information comes first and foremost!

YouTube Description Keywords

Keywords! Keywords! Keywords! When you put so much time and effort into your video production content, you want to make sure people will be able to find it! When editing the description box/text of your video, YouTube also gives you an allotted “tags” area to add keywords to; making it easier for your video to come up in searches. You also want to include some of these keywords in your description, title, and captions if you can. That being said, you want to find an appropriate balance between incorporating keywords and writing creative content. No one wants to read a boring video description that is exclusively comprised of links and keywords – they want to read something interesting and engaging that organically positions a few keywords.

How do you Write a Description? 

As we said above, people have the ability to click the “read more” tab below the first five lines of text. When they do that, you want to make sure your entire description box is looking its best. In addition to keywords and links to additional websites/contact information, you want to share with your viewer a little bit about YOU! Working as the top Boston Video Production Company, Skillman Video Group understands the awesome potential of sharing your personality in both your video and your written content. The full description box should not be overwhelmingly long, but it is a great time and place to elaborate – talk about references mentioned in the video, elaborate more about your business/product, write a brief blog about “the making of” video production experience”, etc. You want your audience to gather as much information about you as they can. Perhaps there’s more to learn about you in the description box than the subject matter of the actual video. This is how you generate more than just an audience…you generate returning customers.

Every person who takes the time to post videos to YouTube should alsoBoston video production services take the time to use their Description Box. In addition to the strategic logistics of keywords and personal links that help the overall success of your video, it’s also, simply put, a wonderful way to allow viewers to see who you are.

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