Building A Successful YouTube Channel

How To Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners

Considering the fact that YouTube has a billion unique viewers every month, creating a channel for your business is a great tool for marketing. In a world of online video marketing, competitors are always going up and down on ranking charts. A brand that was at the top of the charts is usually bumped off by another brand that managed to grab the attention and engagement of online audiences. There’s no set formula for a successful YouTube channel. But, YouTube video marketing can help a channel become successful. YouTube megastars like Ryan Higa, Ray William Johnson, and Bethany Mota have amassed billions of views simply through vlogging (video-blogging). And then there are the channels that house more substance, while still remaining impressively popular. Take Creative Live, the Ask Gary Vee Show, and Big Think. These channels may all be entirely different, but share the common factor of regularly being watched by huge numbers of people. This is because they’ve stuck to at least some of the key ingredients of video marketing. Business can incorporate some of the following tactics in their campaign. Skillman Video Group is aware that many of the most popular YouTube creators used the optimization tactics.
Building A Successful YouTube Channel 1

What is YouTube Metadata?

Successful YouTube video channels often need more than just engaging videos to become popular. The metadata— title, description, keywords, and tags—are all important too. YouTube ranks your videos in their search results. So, good metadata ensures your videos are discoverable. This is very important for YouTube video marketing. Below are some common tips for optimizing videos on YouTube.

  • Make sure you add your company name or main search term within the Title of your channel.
  • Ensure that you have checked the visibility box, to make the channel visible to the public.
  • Choose three to five relevant search terms to add to the description of your channel. Also add a link to your business Facebook or Twitter page.
  • Include your company name and a relevant keyword in all video titles.
  • Add your website URL to the beginning of the video description, followed by your company name.
  • Include three to five keywords again in the video description, as well as a Facebook or Twitter link.
  • Always add video tags – use 3-5 keywords and separate then using quotation marks or commas.
  • Google is currently unable to properly crawl any YouTube videos. You can get around this by uploading a caption file. If your video doesn’t contain any speech, then you can make use of the annotations feature instead, to show the relevance of any video content. This is where a transcription of your video is the most helpful.

How to Make a Good YouTube Channel Name

 Video titles should be short and snappy, offering a quick and intriguing insight into the content of your video. Don’t forget to include your main keyword. A good tip for this is to look at the title as if you’d never come across your brand before.

Building A Successful YouTube Channel 2How to get an Audience on YouTube

Popular YouTube channels have consistent branding. The branding needs to be recognizable for people who learn to love your content. Plus, if video thumbnails are instantly recognizable, it means you don’t need to waste valuable space in your video title by including the name of your brand there as well.

How to make a Successful YouTube Video?

YouTube allows you to add an end card to the end of each of your videos. Businesses should be setting up an interactive end card that not only prompts people to subscribe to their channel, but also cross promote to other videos.

youtube description box

A business will surely see results in their YouTube video marketing channel just by implementing any one of these few tactics. Becoming popularity on YouTube is not easy, but by following some of the commonalities that many successful channels share, you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding.

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