Top 3 Rules to Live by on Set

Top Rules on Set

When working on the set with Boston Video Production Companies, it is important that you are professional and follow the rules. You may not be given a list of rules but there are known rules that all workers should know when you are on set. Each rule to know is very simple and easy to follow. Being able to listen to your professional videographer and be helpful on set will Top Video production companyhelp further your career in the industry. 

1. Be Early to Set Up

Time management is a huge part of every job, and that is no different in the video production world. Each shoot will have a very specific schedule to make sure everything is completed on time. If you show up late, it can affect the whole shoot day. In addition, you should be on time with any set up you have to do in case there are issues with lighting, the camera, audio, or props. If the professional videographer asks you to set up the next frame, you want to make sure you do it in time to run with the schedule. It is very easy to stay on top of the time as long as you stay focused on what you are doing and know how to easily assemble and reassemble equipment.

2. Be Over Prepared

Video production prep for interview

Before every shoot your producer will send out a call sheet. This is full of the different shots you will be assisting with throughout the day. It is important to be prepared, so you know what is happening throughout the whole day. Preparation is key. The more you know about the shoot, the more you will be able to assist. You will be able to help keep the shoot on track which will benefit the production team and your client.

3. When the Cameras are Rolling Silence is Key

One of the biggest rules on set is silence during the shoot. When the camera starts rolling, any extra noise should stop. Be aware of your surroundings so you can help determine what outside noises may be distracting or be picked up by audio devices. If there is any talking while the camera is rolling, it will ruin the shot. You do not want to be the reason they have to reshoot. There will be plenty of time to talk between shots but when that red light turns on, time to stop talking.

Your professional videographer and producer will be very pleased if you are able to follow all of these rules. The better you on set, the more likely you will be asked back to help with more shoots for Boston Video Production Companies. There are not many rules when it comes to being on set but these are three big ones. If you can come to set on time, prepared, and stay focused you will become a natural in the video production services.

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