Top Reasons to have a Mobile Friendly Website

Why Should I have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Being mobile friendly is a very important step to creating a good website for your business. During this day and age, more people than ever are accessing the internet using their phones. stated that “Today, 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices. An incredible 80% of all internet users use a smartphone.” However, modern statistics aren’t the only thing that should sway your decision to cater to the smartphone user. There are plenty other reasons to become mobile friendly.

Mobile Users Act Differently

The majority of mobile users prefer to use their smartphones to search the web due to convenience. They tend to focus their short attention spans on quick videos, photos, and other types of visual media that can be easily consumed. So if you choose to make the decision to go mobile friendly, keep it short and simple. Make your site visually pleasing, with large title fonts for articles, plenty of pictures, and maybe even some videos. If you are looking for video tips or ideas for your website, Skillman video group’s website is a great place to check out. Top Reasons to have a Mobile Friendly Website 1

Mobile Users are More Likely to Spend Money

Mobile friendly users spend money online more often than desktop users. According to, mobile users actually spend small amounts of money very frequently. So, if what you are selling is fairly inexpensive, then you will definitely want to make the change to mobile friendly. Make sure it’s easy for customers to purchase whatever you are selling; and if the site is difficult to navigate on their phones, then you will most likely lose a customer to your competition. 

Google Prefers Mobile Friendly Websites

If you want your site to pop up on google, make sure it’s mobile friendly. Google updated their site and created an algorithm that negatively impacted websites failing to meet mobile friendly standards. This has started to hit websites that aren’t mobile friendly. If you want any online traffic in your website at all, make sure you make the change to mobile friendly. If the page is difficult to navigate on mobile, customers will leave the website, and thus lowering dwell time, which impacts your website’s Google rankings.

Becoming mobile friendly can only help you to increase your sales and bring attention to your business. Make the change today! To learn more about mobile friendly websites, click here: Mobile Friendly Benefits

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