Updates to Google Search Algorithms

(February 4, 2015) – Over the past few weeks, we’ve been launching videos from our series that offer tips on SEO, online video marketing, and more.  From “Which Video Hosting Site Should I Use?” to “How to Increase YouTube Views,” we now come to “Updates to Google Search Algorithms.”

If you’re unsure of what recent updates to Google’s search algorithms means for you and your business, we believe that you should take notice because this video offers important information on how to keep your online presence relevant and visible.

Watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/118718334

Once Again, Content Is King

Google has updated their search algorithms several times over the past year, and they will only continue to do so.  There are a number of ways to avoid getting lost in the shuffle or penalized by Google:

  • Do not ignore these updates, or you will end up dropping in search result rankings.
  • Don’t just fill your pages and links with keywords.  Meaning and context are now everything.
  • Don’t just stick to written content.  Branch out into video and more.

While those are important, it once again (and as always) comes down to content.  You have to be a reliable, knowledgeable source of information with content that is purposeful, contextualized, professional, and engaging.  That is the key to long-lasting success on Google.

Take It from Us: Talking Points from “Updates to Google Search Algorithms”

In our video, we offer some tips on how to keep your site from being left behind in the face of recent Google updates.  Here are just a few of the talking points from the video:

  • First of all, linking has become increasingly important, while keywords have been returning diminished results.  Because of this, you should consider keeping a blog, staying active on social media.
  • Location-specific search has also become significantly more important.  You should take the time to figure out exactly where Google thinks you are, how far your service area really extends, and then update your website to ensure that you and Google are in agreement in where you do business.

Tune into the video for all that and more!