Which Video Hosting Site Should I Use?

Round Three

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been launching videos from our series that offers tips on SEO, online video marketing, and more.  From “How to Use Video in Email Marketing” to “How to Increase YouTube Views,” we now come to “Which Video Hosting Site Should I Use?”  If you’re looking to get your video content out there and aren’t really sure which video hosting site to use, we believe that you should take notice because this video offers important information on the big two: YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube vs. Vimeo

When it comes down to it, when weighing the pros and cons of YouTube and Vimeo, it’s not about which site is “better,” but, rather, which is most appropriate for your goals.  YouTube is great for adding some juice to your SEO, if you are just starting to establish yourself, or if you simply want to get your content out there.  Vimeo, on the other hand, is better for B2B marketing and is just a great place to show off your video content and its quality.  Before making the decision, think of what you’re setting out to accomplish.

Take It from Us: Tips on Choosing a Video Hosting Site

In our video, we offer some pointers on how to decide which video hosting site is appropriate for your marketing goals.  Here are just a few of the talking points:

  • Search engines wanna know what your video is.  The tags are just gonna lead people to the video if you do it properly.
  • Vimeo is something you would send to other businesses.  You would wanna show off your Vimeo content.
  • YouTube is top-notch when it comes to SEO.  Vimeo, on the other hand, we use for our portfolio because the quality’s just better, and it’s something we would rather show off to people.

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