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Round Two

Last week, we launched our video series that offers our expertise on SEO, video marketing, and more.  We kicked things off with “How to Use Video in Email Marketing.”  This week, we continue the series with “How to Increase YouTube Views.”  If you are looking to launch an online video marketing campaign and/or throw a video up on YouTube, we believe that you should take notice because this video offers crucial tips on how to optimize your video and increase views overall.

Making the Most Out of Your Video

When strategizing your online video marketing campaign, it’s important to think of the launch itself.  You can’t simply upload it to YouTube and hope for the best.  There are many rewards to be reaped if you optimize your video for YouTube.  Because YouTube is owned by Google, the SEO benefits are fantastic.  If you fail to optimize, however, your efforts will be a shot in the dark.  If you need a little guidance in the ways of YouTube, our video is here to lead the way.

Take It from Us: Tips on Increasing YouTube Views

In our video, we offer some pointers on how to best optimize your video and increase YouTube views.  Here are just a few of them:

  • Keep your video on the shorter side.  Somewhere around one minute is best.  Do not go over two minutes.
  • Use the transcription feature.  It’s important for SEO on YouTube.
  • Use accurate keywords in both the title and the description of your video.

In the business world today, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of video optimization, and here at Skillman Video Group, we have the expertise and knowledge to help.  We can help you achieve your business goals through our understanding of online marketing, video production, and more.

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