When Video Interviews Go Bad

A common mistake in a lot of corporate videos is that the interviews are stiff and awkward. But we know how to cut off some of those problem areas! We have learned, as a Boston video production organization, to help our clients overcome that issue because the beauty of video is that your audience should get a sense for having met you, even though they haven’t!

If you or someone on your team is coming across on camera as stiff, awkward, and not like themselves at all, here are some ways you can push through that and obtain the best quality possible.

Scripting is Unnecessary

So the first mistake people commonly make when it comes to interviews is trying to either script themselves or coming over-prepared. This may seem outlandish or even counterintuitive, but we have been doing this for fifteen years and we rarely see that work. When you’re talking about corporate video, you are not working with paid actors and actresses. Paid actors and actresses even struggle to deliver their lines authentically with any kind of feeling and believability, and that’s their job. If your people are not paid actors, they’re going to struggle with trying to remember lines. 

Over-preparation Can Hurt, Not Help

Another problem area with interviews is when people over-prepare and come with a list of talking points. Why does this become a problem? People get stuck in their head. It’s not your job to worry about what you’re supposed to be saying. That’s OUR job.

Directors are Key

This leads on to the next point: do not underestimate the importance of having a director on set asking the questions; they are familiar with your business, content, and video objectives. It’s the director’s job to get you talking. 

If you have done interviews in the past and you have seen your people struggle, more often than not it’s because they’re trying to remember lines that they are over-prepared to read. Or, you don’t have the right person asking them questions. It is the job of the director to begin engaging and coaching interviewees in order to get the best out of your people. 

Trying to script and over-prepare for a video, along with neglecting to have a director on set, are the reasons why a corporate interview could go poorly. You can very easily avoid this by following the advice from video production Boston agency, Skillman Video Group.

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A Video Interview Gone Bad: Why?