Animation in Online Video

The uses and styles of animation are becoming more and more varied. What was once thought of as perhaps a less sophisticated way of rendering content has now become a multi-faceted and effective tool. Skillman Video Group is now able to offer and utilize this tool in order to create the perfect set of content for your social marketing and online video needs.

The term ‘animation’ can conjure up a lot of different images, but our use of the medium is centered around developing material that suits the needs of our clients. The sky is the limit with animated material, and it allows us to incorporate a wide range of images and ideas outside the strictures of normal content. Online video works at thirty frames per second. When creating animated content, we have to meticulously craft each frame. This gives us exact control over what we want to showcase, and how we want to showcase it.

Animation is not a lesser form of content creation, but instead a vibrant and multi-faceted medium. Particularly in the realm of social marketing and online video, the use of animation allows for some remarkable possibilities. If you’re interested in seeing how animated video content might work for you, contact us now! Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.