Video Marketing: Top 10 Tips to Capture Your Audience

How do you Attract your Target Market?

Simple Answer: Tell a relatable story with familiar images and a clear message.

When it comes to video marketing, thinking about what your audience wants isn’t enough. You need to follow through and create visuals that will effectively attract their attention. As a top New England Video Production Company, Skillman Video Group has over 10 years of experience.

How do you Keep the Audience Attention?

As social platforms, marketing, and communication evolves, one thing must always be your main priority: YOUR AUDIENCE
If there is one thing we know it is that your marketing video will only be successful if you create an impactful message with visuals to your audience.
Do not create visual content that isn’t related to your audiences interests. In addition, the content and visuals should bring about an emotion or some sort of familiarity. For example, if your audience is a blue collared crowed, you shouldn’t have actors dressed up in fancy outfits or a corporate business look.
Remember, every business is different, which means every story and message should be unique.

Video Marketing Strategies:

  1. Keep your audience in mind from start to finish when creating a marketing video
  2. Don’t try to be something you aren’t
  3. Appeal to your audience and your audience only
  4. If you want to reach another demographic, create a separate marketing video / strategy
  5. Work with your video marketing and video production company to come up with the best strategy for a successful marketing campaign
  6. Like social posts, your marketing videos should be tailored to each social media platform
  7. Make your message and story clear and simple
  8. Work with your video production company to come up with the best video marketing style that will best display your companies story and goals.
  9. No matter what type of marketing video you go for, there should be a tone; such as a feel-good story or humor.
  10. Keep your marketing video under 2 minutes so you won’t lose your audiences attention!
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Still trying to figure out how to attract your audience or broaden your demographic? See some examples of marketing videos below. Whether you are looking for a testimonial, commercial, brand video, etc., Skillman Video Group has done it all. Out professional video production team is here to guide you and bring your ideas to life.

Client Testimonial Video

Brand Video

Online Commercial