Do you Know How to Make a Captivating Blog Title?

Examples of Best Blog Titles

There are many different kind of blogs and reasons someone might start one. Businesses create blogs to help drive more traffic to their website and tell the audience more about their company. Others might create a blog just to inform the public of their adventures or their thoughts and opinions. As a Boston Video Production Company, we focus on blogs that have to do with marketing and video. We want to make the best for our previous and future clients. When creating a blog, you want to make it captivating to the reader. Just like a novel you want to pull them in so they want to keep reading, and checking back for more posts. The most important part to any blog is the title. The title is the first thing the audience sees, and you want to make sure it is interesting and informative. A captivating title will result in more people clicking and sharing your post. There are many small things you can do to drive more attention to your blogs, but making a captivating title is the most important final step. Here are some tips to making the best titles:

Creative Blog Titles

Best blog post title ideas

1. Ask Questions

Most people are searching for answers on google, in your blogs you are hoping to answer those questions. Putting a question in the title of your blog can be more intriguing to the audience. The best blog ideas can come from questions that your consumers are asking. Our market might be searching for Boston Video Production, so we might look to title a blog ‘Is There an Important Step in Video Production Services?’. We can simply work off it by answering “Yes” and describing all the important steps to creating a good video. If there are any big questions that you are commonly asked by your clients or consumers, try to make that one of your next blog topics. It will get people reading, and drive more traffic.

Blog Title Ideas

2. Use Keywords and Phrases

The words that are most searched on the internet are the ones that may act as your best keywords in your blog post. Your blog should be filled with at least three keywords that relate to your company and the content. Adding one of the keywords used in your blog to the title will bring more traffic. The more a keyword shows up, the more likely your blog will be found in that search. Think about the keywords that are being searched most often by your audience, you can look into the search volume to see how it will work. We like to use keywords that reflect the company and where we are located. If we are working on corporate video ideas, we like to make sure to highlight our keyword with the specification of ‘corporate’ to help those find it easier. Keywords are the most important part of SEO, you need to know how to best incorporate them.

How to Title Your Blog

blog construction set up3. Keep the Title Short

A good length for your blog title is between 8-12 words. You don’t want it to be too long otherwise it will be overwhelming to the reader. The title of your blog will reflect what the audience expects to read, and if it seems too dense they might not want to click on it. You also want to be careful that you don’t go over 70 characters, otherwise it will be cut of in search results. Length can be a big turn off, if you have a title that is too long it will look less appealing to the audience. Also, it has been stated that brackets and separators are more intriguing to searchers on Google. So you might think about adding brackets, separators, or numbers to the title. The goal is to make a title that will cause people to click on and share your post, so you have to take the time to make it intriguing.

You will usually write the blog before you name it. Have all the information together or outlined so that you make sure to name it correctly. You don’t want to title a blog, and have it not fit with the content. There are many ways to make a captivating title. It is always good to include your company’s name in the title. Just remember to focus on your audience and bringing in consumers. Every share or view your blog gets will help drive traffic to your site. Put in the effort to make a great title and pull in your readers.

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