Boston Corporate Video Crew

At Skillman Video Group we take pride in developing our client’s message to until our clients are satisfied. However, being where we are today didn’t happen overnight. What brought us to this point was our corporate video crew. Our experience, creativity, attention to detail, plan, and wide range of equipment make us stand out as a corporate video crew in Boston.


What is the benefit of hiring a corporate video crew? The answer is simple: preparation. We are committed to our clients from start to finish when producing a video. Planning is a large part of our workflow. We don’t want to waste our client’s time on a shoot day, so preparation means getting finances, the concept, the set, and message in order.

Before filming, it is important to discuss the budget for the video. Budgets range depending on the business and type of video they are looking to create. Regardless of whether the budget is large or small, SVG will always deliver a video that displays our client’s message in a visually appealing way.

Concept and where the video will be shot are also discussed in the planning stage. At SVG we like to make sure we hit every topic and understand what our clients are looking for, so when filming begins everyone’s on the same page. We will come up with ideas together and will establish the best time and dates for shooting while also providing a detailed schedule for how the day will look.

Our corporate video production crew is with our client every step of the way, and our goal is to deliver the best video for your business. What makes us the best Boston corporate video crew is our professionalism and ability to bring a businesses story to life. Our detailed planning and step-by-step process provides our clients with reassurance, and keeps everything organized come filming.


In the planning stage, we discuss with our clients the concept and message. We look to create a video that is best suited for our client whether it be a testimonial, brand, training, live event, or commercial.

By hiring a corporate video crew, like SVG, Boston businesses themselves don’t have to worry or stress about being appealing to their audience, or find a way to make themselves stand out from their competitors. Our video crew is equipped with knowledge on how to creatively display a message. It doesn’t matter if the video is set to drive emotion or humor, a good corporate video crew will visually get the message across, but the best corporate video crew will get the message across through a creative story, set, or interviews.


Arianna Skincare ShootWe are always fully equipped at SVG. Though this is another example of our effective preparation, it also shows that large amounts of our equipment comes in handy for any situation.

If we are shooting in a confined space and a tripod is too large to get an angle for a shot, we have the Steadicam; which allows our videographer to attach the camera on a mount to his body and move around into tighter angles.

If our client would rather shoot in a dark warehouse instead of a well-lit room to give the impression of “afterhours,” we have LED lights to create that effect.

In one particular instance, we were  asked to shoot an educational video specifically using just 2 Canon 5D’s, a Zoom audio recorder capturing from a boom mic and a lavaliere, and a standard 3-way light kit.

Though we do not usually get requests regarding specific equipment, our broad spectrum of accessories and Boston corporate video crew equipment cameras make that possible.

A corporate video crew always must have the right equipment for any shoot, and be prepared for situations that aren’t planned. Having a wide range of equipment it allows the professional video production crew to capture the perfect shot.

At SVG, we are well equipped for filming done outside, inside, in a confined space, or in a fully operating space. We have professional videographers and crew members that are constantly evolving and updating their equipment to provide the best visuals and sound for post-production.


What separates SVG from other Boston corporate video crews is our attention to detail combined with over 10 years of experience. Detail and meticulous planning is a part of every client’s production video. Being a video production company isn’t just a hobby for SVG, it is our livelihood.

We are Boston Video Production Companyattentive to detail and because we don’t want to be an average production company we make sure our videos are above our client’s goals and expectations.

Having experience doesn’t mean that SVG hasn’t evolved and that we have stuck to the same method and ideas for the past 10 years. Instead, it shows our ability to continually grow as a business in Boston and deliver great videos to our clients. As a corporate video crew in Boston, we know the importance of staying on trend and including that into our production process.

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