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Before anyone grabs a camera, there are many important stages of video production that must be completed by a Boston video company. Regardless of how awesome a new idea may sound, nothing can start moving until these vital steps are checked away.

The Client’s Goals

This is just as (if not more) important than whatever fanciful camerawork and story boarding a video production company wants to execute. While the quality of video production is certainly a main consideration, it has to compliment, rather than influence, a client’s desired goals. As tempting as it may be to shoot a slick one-take style video, it may not be necessary for certain client goals with a limited budget or time frame. There are a few points to keep in mind when trying to understand the client’s goals:client meeting

  • Get to know the client. What is their personality? Is there enough flair to use employees or will outside talent be needed?
  • What is the client’s business or industry? What’s hot right now in their field?
  • What kind of audience does the client want to attract?


Creating the Goal

There is no reason to create a video until a client comes up with a clear objective to accomplish, so this step is crucial before even meeting with a video production company. There are several considerations a client should have while making said goals:

  • What needs to change? Did the last marketing campaign not achieve all of its goals? Why did it not achieve said goals?
  • What makes your company unique? What will make your company stand out from the other clients that could bring up a similar offer? Is it the quality of the product, service, etc.?

Video Company Experience

A Boston video production company will eventually have a time and place to bring expertise to the table. When the client is trying to express their needs is not the time. Afterward, once the client and video producers have a clear goal established, we can try to find a middle ground where we can execute an efficient campaign while satisfying the creative vision of a client. This is when some important video production services come in:studio lighting

  • Previous client experience- What has or hasn’t worked for previous clients trying to obtain a similar objective?
  • Flexible options for various budgets- As simple as it can be to have a standard production package, there will be some clients that require specific needs, such as a green screen or heavy lighting. In these cases, it may be more viable to focus the budget on certain types of equipment to ensure the client is satisfied, like more LED lights for a studio shoot rather than the best camera.

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