Boston Video Production: Stay Focused

Boston Video Production

(September 22, 2016) – Competition can either bring out the best in people or nothing at all. Boston video production is rapidly growing, and it isn’t just the big cities like LA and New York that have a professional video production reputation.

Boston production companies are showing they are also among the best when it comes to marketing videos, creative brand and corporate development.

However, what does it take in order to compete with the household video production companies in New York and LA?

That was a trick question. Being competitive is good, but not so much that it takes away from the client’s video marketing campaign and experience with your professional video production company as a whole.

Remember, developing a relationship with the client is extremely important, as is creating a Boston video marketing campaign that displays a clear message with a unique storyline.

Your client is competing in their business market just as much as your video company is; thus, it is imperative that the Boston production company think like the business audience, which will allow them to create a marketing video that will be relatable and attract their attention.

In other words, in order to be a video production company you have to be a chameleon and adapt to the client’s business.


Being prepared and outlining the day for filming can make or break a Boston marketing video.

At Skillman Video Group, our 10 years of experience allow us to know what problems we may run into while filming, which is why we always create an outline and visit the on-set location.

The first thing all Boston video production companies should think about is location and how that will affect the lighting for each scene. It’s best to do a run-through of the location for the video production shoot; that way, you can envision where each interview or scene will take place and the types of angles and lighting needed.

A professional video production company will never go into a shoot blind. Not only does this waste time on set, but it also makes the client feel their marketing video won’t turn out the way they pictured.

If you are spending more time trying to figure out where to set up the camera and conducting interviews, you are spending less time getting the shots needed for post-production editing.

Be Efficient

Boston Video Production Corporation

Being efficient with time will completely slow down the day, and if you don’t get all the shots you need, then the video will fall extremely short of the client’s high expectations.

Keep in mind that the client doesn’t want to spend more time shooting the marketing video than needed because that means being out of the office.

The business is investing their own money in hopes of generating more clients, and as a Boston video production company, the crew must stay on schedule.

It’s not just the producer’s job to stick to the video shoot’s outline; it also takes the professional videographer, set-up crew, audio crew, and the actors or interviewees.

Stay focused

Although video production days can be long, always have high energy and stay focused.

As a crew member, your lackadaisicalness will affect the entire crew, which means those who are on camera. If the interviewees and actors look tired, then the audience will pick that up.

Drink a lot of water, don’t sit down too much, continuously pay attention to detail, and be prepared for the next scene.