How to Stay Organized During a Boston Video Production Shoot

DSC_0740Production sets can be very tedious when a lot of material needs to be filmed in a certain amount of time. Many factors go into having a successful production day with the camera equipment, the lighting, the audio, and the talent. All of these factors that contribute to a production have the potential to breakdown. The best thing to do is have organized video production services to ensure a thorough day of filming. Skillman Video Group works very diligently to have the crew and client informed on how the day will unfold.

At SVG we make sure that our team is organized so that the client and film crew are all prepared. One of the organizational techniques used by our production company in Boston is having a set rundown so each member of the staff knows where he or she needs to be at a certain time. This enables everyone on set to know where they need to be at each hour of the day. Emailing or printing the production rundown a couple days before the film date is beneficial to the producer and client so that everyone has access to the schedule and can be prepared. Another way to stay organized on set is to make sure that contact information is provided to all crew members. If something goes wrong or there is a location change with the client, staff need to be contact quickly to save time. Providing emails and phones numbers before the day of filming is essential to have proper communication and staying organized during a production shoot.

As a Boston video company, Skillman Video Group has had many production shoots where organization has been crucial to the set. When a company has a complex day of filming, maybe at different locations with various actors, there is a lot to pay attention to. SVG works hard and efficiently to make sure that each production shoot has been prepared for and has had thorough communication with the client.


It is the job of the producer and director to lead the day with organization and grace so that the other members on set will do the same. It is a lead by example type of situation, when the individuals in charge properly equip their crew the filming will run smoothly. Whether you are filming a high tech commercial or working on corporate video ideas, it is favorable for everyone on set to know the organization of the day.

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