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YouTube Marketing Strategies in Boston

How do You Do YouTube Video Marketing?

While the YouTube marketing community hasn’t quite exploded in Boston like it has in other cities, there is still an opportunity to be taken, because there is a void waiting to be filled. Skillman Video Group maintains an active YouTube channel because we believe that this is an important outlet to utilize to our advantage. Thanks to its enthusiastic support for content creators and regular uploads, YouTube itself can actually boost the outreach of your channel via several tools:

  1. Cards: Here at SVG we use YouTube cards, which is an underused but extremely useful feature that allows you to link to other videos seamlessly. For our YouTube channel, we use cards to have related videos just a click away. For example, if someone is watching one of our tutorials about Boston corporate training video, a YouTube card will pop up with a link to another one of our videos about live corporate videography. This ensures that potential clients are aware of the variety of Boston video production services we offer. It also ensures that our audience knows we can focus on a specific type of video production and execute a given task.
  2. Annotations: Another underused feature that we use on the SVG channel is annotations, which allow us to easily edit or add information to a video after it’s been uploaded. While we usually use them to plug the main website, they have other applications. For example, if we were to post a video where someone recites an incorrect statistic, rather than re-shooting the entire segment, we could just add a quick annotation that addresses the mistake and reveals the correct information.
  3. Tags: At SVG we always tag our videos to emphasize that we work in Boston and focus in video production. Do this enough times with enough videos, and a channel will start to rise up on a search engine list. Tags help to direct YouTube searches your way when someone looks up relevant information (ex: video production company Boston).

YouTube Marketing Services

With these key tools under your belt, you are ready to start promoting your YouTube channel and maximizing outreach. To do so, here are some essential video marketing tips that we here at SVG like to keep in mind.

Re-post: There is nothing wrong with re-posting a video link in the hopes of reaching people who didn’t see the original post, but try to mask the repetition by connecting the link to timely events. Ex: The SVG YouTube channel has a series of presentations from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where we provided live video production services. If we wanted to organically promote the videos, we could wait for some large anniversary of the school (say, the 50th anniversary of the school) and slip the videos into a congratulatory post like:

“Congratulations to the Sloan School’s 50th year! Here’s to 50 more! Thanks for choosing us as your go-to video production company. Check out the presentations we filmed for the Sloan School!”

Notice how the post slips easily from a shout-out to a promotion for SVG. This is much easier to do when the videos are connected to something rather than just posting something like:

“We didn’t get enough traction in the original post, so here it is again!”

Cross-Site Integration: Don’t be afraid to integrate the channel with other social media platforms! Facebook has completely overhauled their integration with YouTube so that it provides instant access to a linked video, while still increasing the view count. The best illustration of their recent update is how videos on your Facebook feed will now start automatically just because you scroll over it. This accomplishes two things:

  1. Eliminates the question of whether or not someone will click “play” on your video.
  2. Hooks the viewer with visual stimuli, so now they might as well just turn sound on and watch the rest of the video. Think of the last time this happened to you to understand how effective this tactic can be.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube videos can definitely be promoted on Twitter as well, but your summary must be brief. Two strategies for using Twitter:

  1. To give yourself more characters to use in a tweet, use a URL compression site like Bitly.
  2. Use hashtags that relate to the video. For the SVG channel, we would like use hashtags about Boston video production or Boston production companies.

Avoid linking to YouTube on rapid-fire social media platforms like Snapchat, because the content on these platforms are meant to be quick and transient. Before a viewer can memorize the YouTube link, the content will disappear, thanks to the nature of the app.

The Boston YouTube scene may be in its early stages, but with these tools and strategies constantly being used, a YouTube channel can stay ahead of the curve and eventually receive the large audience it deserves.