5 Social Media Platforms For Video Marketing

The different platforms that are accessible to marketers these days have grown significantly and have the businesses evaluate their campaign strategies. Technology is fast pace and constantly changing, so many are continuously upgrading to generate business marketing. For anyone looking at corporate video ideas, production companies in Boston, or a Boston video marketing company, Skillman Video Group provides all these services and more to facilitate any companies needs on any platform. Here are 5 social media platforms that are changing the way video business marketing is perfected.

Facebook VideoFacebook

This is the biggest social network on the web with more than 1.55 billion active users. With this sort of reach, business can boost their marketing strategies through many platforms like photos, videos, and important company updates. The great thing about Facebook is that it is low maintenance and easy for people to use.


Twitter logoThis rapid updating social media network can share 140 or fewer characters of updates, videos, images, links, and polls. What many marketing companies are doing with Twitter these days not only involves campaigns but also customer service. Sharing a company’s own content is effective, but also “retweeting” relevant media can gain a greater audience.



On this networking site, people can save and display content on a digital bulletin board that you can like/save subjects known as “pinning”. This is a very specific network that has devoted followers and many ways to share media content. Making sure brands, through marketing campaigns, add valuable information is key to being successful.


Instagram is a network that has taken off with more than 400 million active users posting artsy pictures and videos of their world. Depending on the industry of your video marketing company, this might be the perfect platform to post interesting content and #hashtag multiple items so the reach can be greater.


LinkedIn MarketingThis is a business professional website so logically it should have some beneficial marketing campaign opportunities. With posts regarding engaging content, professional value, linking to other platforms, and optimizing a company’s page, this social media network is valuable for marketers. Knowing that the audience is going to be geared towards a business mindset, this platform is perfect for video production services etc.

Many social media platforms and networks are looking to include analytics gaging how marketing campaigns can be effective to companies. Skillman Video Group is a multi-service Boston video production company dedicated to creating unique marketing content for any client. What can SVG do for you?

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